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Images of the Howl! Festival

Gloria Chung, Vivienne Gucwa, jdx, Susan Keyloun, Bruce Monroe, Mario Ramirez, Joel Raskin, Michelle Rick, and Tim Schreier — all members of The Local East Village Flickr Group — share their images of the weekend’s Howl! Festival.

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Viewfinder | Abandoned

Mario Ramirez on capturing images of discarded objects in New York.

analog phone near cooper union

“On the cusp of the East Village, standing there, like a monument, for everyone to see. Objects are like people, with wrinkles, accessories, and dysfunctions. Disconnected and off the hook, but to the man there, its keeper, it seemed plugged in and of great importance.”

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Viewfinder | Exterior Design

Mario Ramirez on personification through a lens.

urban fabric

“Urban fabric, the objects of everyday city life. Although not really pretty, each object has an almost human personality about it. There are thousands if not millions of instances like this in an urban setting, and the East Village is not immune to them.”

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