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Viewfinder | Portraits in the Park

Union Square

Union Square has a knack for drawing the talented, the bored, and the show-offs to its broad open spaces. For that reason I gravitate to this part of the city on a daily basis in order to capture some of its magic and to add some of my own. Now Occupy Wall Street protesters have bitten off quite a chunk of the south side of Union Square, and in response, police officers hover around the perimeter of the park, poised to stop anything unruly or obstructive. Despite surveillance, artists, street performers and park-goers don’t seem to shy away from self expression. Rush hour is a great time to take photos not only because the park is flooded with characters, but also because it’s then that the sun is likely to create interesting highlights and shadows on faces.
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Images of the Pride Parade

Adrian Fussell, Vivienne Gucwa, Heather Holland, Susan Keyloun, Tim Schreier and Guney South — all members of The Local East Village Flickr Group — share their images of the weekend’s Gay Pride Parade and the celebrations surrounding the passage of the Marriage Equality Act.

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Viewfinder | An Eye For Summer

Heather Holland on the new season’s photographic possibilities.

Coney Island Sunday

“I didn’t get into photography (or what I call picture-taking) until about six months ago when I began my first job as a reporter. One of my first assignments was to take photographs in Stuyvesant Town after the severe snow storm from last Christmas. It was then that I realized how a picture can be used to tell a story, perhaps more vividly than my pen ever could. I took this photo from the boardwalk at Coney Island. Bubbles tend to add a little magic to photographs, but the story of this photo is in the little girl and she told it all on her own.”
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