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Maybe the Water Cafe Won’t Be a Washout?

Molecule really made a splash last month, opening to a veritable wave of publicity: the “water cafe” got several write-ups, and news of $2.50 to-go glasses of filtered water even crossed the pond. But while the owners touted their $25,000 filtering machine and their “fountain of youth” and “body repair” supplements, there was no shortage of wet blankets: here at The Local, a commenter, Courtney, called the place “one of the most offensive things I’ve heard recently” and implored: “Can we as a neighborhood agree to stay far away from it so that they go away?”

So, is anybody – other than intrepid reporters, of course – actually going to Molecule? Turns out, they are. During a recent afternoon, about eight people trickled into the store over the course of two hours. Okay, not exactly a flood of customers, but they came from Brooklyn, the Bronx, and (sorry, Courtney) right here in the East Village – and some were back for seconds. Maybe the store won’t be a one-sip wonder? Maybe this concept really will hold water?

Watch our video to hear customers shower the place with praise and tell us what you think: are they just drinking the Kool Aid?