The Day | Water Shop in the Spotlight

Etsy A new video featuring the Mosaic Man Jim Power.

At the very least, the water store on East 10th Street, Molecule, is a hit with reporters. “I mean it’s subtle, but if you have a sensitive palate you can totally tell” co-owner Adam Ruhf tells The Wall Street Journal. “It was sweet and tasted good,” a customer tells DNAInfo. “Who’d waste money on Molecule? Those who belong to the High Holy Church of Culinary Rectitude,” writes the always warm and fuzzy Steve Cuozzo in The Post.

Has Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver gone rogue? He tells The Daily News he won’t be campaigning exclusively for Democrats in the Senate this year.

Second Avenue has its noodle nuts, Jersey Street has its sneaker fiends. Bowery Boogie has shots of people queuing up for the release of limited edition Nike sneakers.

EV Grieve has an update on a dead pigeon on an air conditioning unit spotted back in February. Spoiler alert: It’s still dead.

Actress and author Amber Tamblyn tells New York Mag what makes someone a New Yorker. “The minute you tell someone else they are not a New Yorker and give them six reasons why, including their definition of where the LES begins and the East Village ends.”