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Allen Ginsberg, Revisited by His Right-Hand Man: Pt. 3

Bob Rosenthal by Allen GinsbergAllen Ginsberg Bob Rosenthal, front. Back, from left: Gregory
Corso, Shelley Kraut, and Peter Orlovsky holding
Aliah Rosenthal. 1980. .

As National Poetry Month winds down, let’s hear more from Bob Rosenthal. Earlier, in the first and then the second installment of our interview conducted at Allen Ginsberg’s former apartment on East 12th Street, where Mr. Rosenthal worked as his secretary for nearly two decades, we heard about Ginsberg’s daily routine, his social sphere, and his love of the East Village. Now, Mr. Rosenthal recalls the poet’s romantic life, his way with strangers, and his tumultuous relationship with Peter Orlovsky – fellow poet, former lover, and longtime companion.

Allen and Peter
Harry Smith would be living here and walking through and making films, and Peter Orlovsky’s brother Julius would be here. I would listen to music and then Julius would say, “Bob, would you like me to turn the music off?” and I’d say, “No, Julius, I’m enjoying this music,” and then 30 seconds later he’d say, “Bob, would you like me to turn this music off?” And after a couple of times I’d say, “Okay, Julius, I have an idea: why don’t you turn the music off?” Denise [Mercedes] and her bandmates would try to get Julius to swear and they’d try to trick him but he was so smart and they could never trick him into saying a swear word. It was really kind of zany. Read more…

The Day | Tech Drain at 36 Cooper Square

closedNoah Fecks

Our photographer Noah Fecks noticed a sign, as did EV Grieve, on the door of Affaire on Avenue B indicating that the lounge has been closed by the Department of Health for operating without a permit. We’ll let you know when we have more.

Foursquare isn’t the only tech start-up moving out of 36 Cooper Square. The Atlantic notes that Curbed and Hard Candy Shell are also leaving the building that was the birthplace of the Hartz Mountain pet supplies empire and is still home to the Village Voice. Kevin Kearney, the CEO of Hard Candy Shell, says, “I think that now the people are leaving there’s not gonna be anything left. I think we all would’ve stayed if we could’ve figured out how it worked. If The Village Voice had finally gone under, we could’ve taken over.”

A blog in the Curbed network, Racked, reminds us that later today, Bedlam Bar at 40 Avenue C will host the Bright Young Things Holiday Market: “Markdowns go up to 50% off, and participating designers include Bijules, Chrishabana, and Mary Meyer. There’s an open vodka bar from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., and Becka Diamond and Nicolette Santos of the Six Six Sick Girls will DJ.” Read more…