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Anjelica Huston in the House? [Update: Cameras Roll at Orlin]

NBC’s “Smash” will be filming at Cafe Orlin on St. Marks Place today. This morning the show’s crew was spotted bringing equipment into a closed set on Lafayette Street, between East Fourth Street and Astor Place; a spokesperson for the locations department confirmed that filming will move to the cafe between First and Second Avenues this afternoon. The show filmed at Orlin in September and has been seen around the neighborhood a few times since then. If a sign on a trailer is any indicator, Anjelica Huston will make an appearance today as her character Eileen.

Update | 4:30 p.m. No sign of Anjelica Huston, but as you can see in our spy footage above, Katharine McPhee, who plays Karen on the show, and Jack Davenport (Derek) were on site.

Video: ‘Boardwalk’ Buggies in Action!

Earlier today we shared some snaps of Model Ts lined up outside of John’s of 12th for the ongoing “Boardwalk Empire” shoot. Well, now there’s more of ’em! And they’re moving! Above: footage of the buggies purring as extras in old-time garb practice their Prohibiton-era struts.

‘Blood Ties’ Takes Odessa Back to the 1970s

odessaDaniel Maurer
odessa2Daniel Maurer

No, the Coen Brothers aren’t back in the neighborhood, but some vintage cars are. French actor and director Guillaume Canet is filming “Blood Ties” at Odessa (and the “travelers” who’ve been asked to leave their normal spot outside of the restaurant aren’t too happy about it). Previous shoots for the remake of French thriller “Les Liens Du Sang” took place in Brooklyn and Harlem: The Daily Mail published photos of Clive Owen mounting a motorcycle as well as kissing co-star Mila Kunis during one scene and getting married to her in another.

According to IndieWire’s Playlist blog, the crime drama, set in 1970s Brooklyn, also stars Billy Crudup, Zoe Saldana, James Caan, Noah Emmerich, Matthias Schoenaerts, Lili Taylor and Domenick Lombardozzi, and is the story of two brothers on either side of the law: “the younger of two brothers (Crudup) is asked by his older brother (Owen) to return to the underworld in order to help the family out.”

It’s uncertain which of the stars was on the set today, but one thing’s for sure: the Cesspool Man was large and in charge. Click on photo above-right.

Coen Brothers Film at Hopper House, a Onetime (and Future?) Home for Wayward Women

photo(25)Daniel Maurer Hopper House

As anticipated, the Coen Brothers are back in the neighborhood and have been filming “Inside Llewyn Davis” inside of the Isaac T. Hopper Home at 110 Second Avenue all day. Since 1874, the Greek Revival row house, a landmark dating all the way back to 1838, has been home to the Women’s Prison Association, an advocacy and assistance organization for women with criminal records.

Alex Villano, the W.P.A.’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, said the group connected with the Coens after a location scout slipped a flyer under the door of the building between Sixth and Seventh Streets. She gave The Local a hint about what’s being filmed on the third floor, though she couldn’t say which stars were involved because she hadn’t seen any of them: “One of the reasons they really liked the space,” she said, “is that it’s a scene that has a fire escape involved where someone’s coming in and out of a window.” (Spoiler alert!) Read more…