Coen Brothers Film at Hopper House, a Onetime (and Future?) Home for Wayward Women

photo(25)Daniel Maurer Hopper House

As anticipated, the Coen Brothers are back in the neighborhood and have been filming “Inside Llewyn Davis” inside of the Isaac T. Hopper Home at 110 Second Avenue all day. Since 1874, the Greek Revival row house, a landmark dating all the way back to 1838, has been home to the Women’s Prison Association, an advocacy and assistance organization for women with criminal records.

Alex Villano, the W.P.A.’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, said the group connected with the Coens after a location scout slipped a flyer under the door of the building between Sixth and Seventh Streets. She gave The Local a hint about what’s being filmed on the third floor, though she couldn’t say which stars were involved because she hadn’t seen any of them: “One of the reasons they really liked the space,” she said, “is that it’s a scene that has a fire escape involved where someone’s coming in and out of a window.” (Spoiler alert!)

Another reason the space worked well: It has been partially vacant since 2010, when state and city funding cuts forced the organization to end its Alternative to Incarceration program and stop using the Hopper House as a dormitory aimed at preventing recidivism. Ms. Villano said the W.P.A., which also maintains a residence for homeless mothers with criminal histories on Avenue B, is hoping that new funding will allow it to revive the A.T.I. program later this year. “We’re looking to reopen [Hopper House] as either a transitional facility for women who’ve been recently released from prison,” she said, “or reopen it as an alternative to reincarceration.”

The group’s annual benefit dinner will take place at Capitale on April 18.