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In Miami, the Art World Takes a Shine to Bowery Gallerist Kathy Grayson

Kathy Grayson’s gallery, The Hole, leads the pack of galleries that have opened up downtown recently. Before a show of paintings by Lola Montes Schnabel (daughter of Julian), she took her act to Miami Beach. The Local followed.

Thank You, East Village

A mosaic of 160 people who make the East Village what it is.

The Day | Stabbing Suspect a ‘Career Criminal’

A roundup of this morning’s news, including two new art shows, a new play, photos of the neighborhood in the 80s, an interview with Jimmy from Trash & Vaudeville, and more.

Gallery or Restaurant? The Hole Swirls Both Together

After hosting a dinner party that introduced attendees to the medium of “pour painting,” The Hole will open a pop-up artist cafe, cheekily dubbed Hole Foods.

With Seed Money from Playboy, Monet’s Garden Blooms on Bowery

It’s The Hole’s most ambitious installation yet: With funding from an unlikely patron – Playboy – the Bowery gallery has transformed into a fecund, fragrant landscape complete with a bridge and lily pond in the back corner.

C.B. 3 Blesses Booze at Keybar’s Hungarian Spot and Other Liquor Bids

A full recap of last night’s Community Board 3 liquor licensing committee meeting.

Bowery Beef Team Plans Restaurant With Raw Bar on First Avenue

The $5 roast beef sandwich will return, but now there may also be seafood from Gloucester, Mass.

A Bowery Gallery’s ‘Curating Duo’ Gives The Gift of Pop-Up Art

Laura O’Reilly and Derrick B. Harden seek to bring The Hole’s art beyond its four walls, starting with a project where the paintings are hidden in plain sight.

Artists Answer Foes of ‘Extreme’ Tags

Two new curators hope that the large piece of “extreme tagging” on the cement wall at Bowery and Houston will quell concerns about over-sized street art from some members of the community.