Gym Coming to Burger-Klein Building?

UntitledDaniel Maurer

Will the building that houses the Gracefully supermarket soon be home to a gym?

The owner of 28 Avenue A has filed a construction application to convert the historic Burger-Klein building into a “physical culture establishment” — the city’s term for health and exercise facilities.

Last month, the anonymous blogger who goes by the name EV Grieve floated a rumor that New York Health & Racquet Club would take over the space. Today, a representative of the chain dismissed that report as incorrect, and said the company “isn’t looking at anything in that building at 28 Avenue A.” The chain already has an East Village location about six blocks away (so, about a four-minute walk), at 62 Cooper Square.

Paperwork filed last week with the department of buildings estimates that construction will cost $25,000. The project’s architect referred inquiries to his client, who was not available for comment. A manager at Gracefully said he thought the gym would open above the store, if plans went forward. “There was talk about it but I don’t know exactly if it’s coming,” said Adrian, who didn’t want to give a last name. “The landlord came and brought some people to take a look in my basement.”

The application has been processed and is currently waiting for approval.