Star the Pit-Bull Can Now Be Yours, But You’ll Have to Call Her Shiloh

Star, the pit-bull that was shot by a police officer last August, is finally up for adoption.

The miracle mutt has spent the last few months recovering in Pennsylvania, and the National Greyhound Adoption Program has now posted her adoption profile on its Website. One catch: her name has been changed to Shiloh (perhaps a reference to the children’s novel about a dog that is rescued from violence.)

According to the Website, the pit-bull formerly known as Star has recovered her “wonderful disposition” and her health has improved “significantly,” however many of her senses are still hampered by her injuries. The pit-bull has “significant vision loss in her right eye,” but she can see up to 15 feet away. (The dog lost her left eye completely in surgery.) Her hearing is very limited and she has a hard time pinpointing the direction of sounds. The adoption description also notes that she appears “aggressive and not trustworthy” when socializing with other dogs.

Despite New Yorkers clamoring to adopt the miracle dog in the wake of the shooting, the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals said in December that she would need more rehabilitation before she could be released for adoption. The National Greyhound Adoption Program has decided that she is ready, but the group is “setting the bar very high on requirements to adopt her.” These requirements include an owner with no other dogs and a fenced yard with a locked gate.