20 Years of Antifolk: A Look Back at Sidewalk’s Show Flyers

While one Monday-night open mic is just beginning, another is celebrating two decades.

Sidewalk Cafe’s Winter Antifolk Festival returns Feb. 19, and this one promises to be special: it was just about 20 years ago that singer-songwriter Lach, who had established the first Antifolk Festival back in 1983, brought his weekly Antihoot to the back room of Sidewalk. Since then, the open-mic series — a showcase for the genre-bending musicianship that Lach dubbed “antifolk” — has featured the likes of Regina Spektor, the Moldy Peaches, and the Avett Brothers. Lach moved on in 2008 (he now lives in Scotland), but not before tapping musician Ben Krieger to continue booking shows at Sidewalk.

As you can see from the lineup below, this year’s 10-day festival will bring back some recognizable names: Jeffrey Lewis will perform with the great Peter Stampfel of the Fugs, Jason Trachtenburg will play with his big band, and Seth Faergolzia of Dufus will be there with John Ludington.

To celebrate 20 years of antifolk, Sidewalk has sent us a sheaf of show flyers from years gone by. Click through the slideshow for a trip down memory lane.

Tuesday, February 19, 6 pm to midnight

The Sound of Salesmen 6:00 pm
Jack Cyanide 6:45 pm
Purple Organ 7:30 pm
Preston Spurlock 8:15 pm
Pinelawn Empire CD Release 9:00 pm
Elizabeth Devlin 9:45 pm
Ray Brown 10:30 pm
Elastic No-No Man 11:15 pm

Wednesday, February 20, 6 pm to 12:30 am
Cannonbal Statman 6:00 pm
Adam Finchler 6:45 pm
Barry Reardon 7:30 pm
Maya Caballero 8:15 pm
Barry Bliss 9:00 pm
Steve Stavola 9:45 pm
Ben Pagano 10:30 pm
Brian Speaker’s Spiral Notebook 11:15 pm
Phoebe Novak 11:45 pm

Thursday, February 21, 6 pm to 12:30 am
Rebecca Florence 6:00 pm
JD Meatyard 6:45 pm
Soce the Elemental Wizard 7:30 pm
Jon Berger 8:15 pm
Charles Mansfield CD Release 9:00 pm
Robot Princess 9:45 pm
Coach CD Release 10:30 pm
Madison Cano 11:15 pm
J.J. Hayes 11:45 pm

Friday, February 22, 6:45 pm to 12:30 am
Ivan Sandomire 6:45 pm
Ben Sadock 7:30 pm
Adam Bricks 8:15 pm
Erin Regan 9:00 pm
Debe Dalton 9:45 pm
Don McCloskey 10:30 pm
Pendulum Swings (w/ Jason Trachtenburg) 11:15 pm
Josh Fox Band 11:45 pm

Saturday, February 23, 6 pm to 12:45 am
Trumpet Grrrl 6:00 pm
Daniel Laitman 6:45 pm
Joe Bendik 7:45 pm
The Telethons 8:15 pm
The Happy Rappies 9:00 pm
Dan & Rachel 9:45 pm
Kung Fu Crimewave 10:30 pm
Crazy & the Brains 11:15 pm
Mike Baglivi midnight

Sunday, February 24, 6:45 pm to 12:45 am
David Greenburg 6:45 pm
Jonathan Vincent 7:30 pm
Steve Espinola 8:15 pm
Prewar Yardsale 9:00 pm
Bird to Prey 9:45 pm
Thomas Patrick MacGuire 10:30 pm
Mr. Patrick 11:15 pm
Joe Crow Ryan midnight

Monday, February 25
The Open Stage with Ben Krieger, Antifolk Festival Edition, (sign-up at 7:30)

Tuesday February 26, 7:30 pm to midnight
Mike Shoykhet 6:00 pm
Casey Holford 7:30 pm
Brer Brian, 8:15 pm
The Jeffrey Lewis / Peter Stampfel Folk Show 9:00 pm
Forest Creature – Feat. Dufus Seth & John Ludington 9:45 pm
Larkin Grimm 10:30 pm
M. Lamar 11:15 pm

Wednesday, February 27, 6 pm to midnight
Blueberry Season 6:00 pm
Domino 6:45 pm
Bernard King Presents 7:30 pm
Bethlehem Steel 8:15 pm
Gina Mobilio CD Release 9:00 pm
Fayaway 9:45 pm
Dewey & the Decimals 10:30 pm
Alex P 11:15 pm
Cal Folger Day 11:45 pm

Thursday, February 28, 8:15 pm to midnight
Bob Black 6:00 pm
St. Lenox 7:30 pm
The Fools 7:50 pm
Peter Dizozza CD Release 8:15 pm
Rav Shmuel 9:00 pm
Lorraine Leckie 10:30 pm
Closing Ceremonies with Yossarian Feedback 11:15 pm

Winter Antifolk Festival at Sidewalk Cafe, 94 Avenue A, at East Sixth Street, (212) 473-7373. All shows are free with purchase of one drink or food item.