Video: Italian Band’s Odd Little Ode to the East Village

This might be the quirkiest song about the neighborhood since the Magnetic Fields penned “The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side”: an Italian band, Honeybird and the Birdies, just posted this video for their song, “East Village.” It was actually filmed in Italy (presumably in their hometown of Rome) but it’s pretty clear they’re singing about the East Village of New York, not the ones in Vancouver or Chicago. After all, the lyrics go “Have you ever been to the East Village? … I have only been to Brooklyn… How long is the subway ride from Brooklyn to the Lower East Side,” and then the song breaks into a balalaika-backed rap about rabbis and bagels and cream cheese. (The band has songs in English, Italian, Mapudugun, Catanese, German and Macedonian, by the way.)

But so anyway, the fun part comes at the end, when an East Village institution makes an appearance. We won’t spoil the surprise: just give it a watch.