Health Department Shuts Down Maharlika


Maharlika, the popular Filipino restaurant on First Avenue, has been temporarily shuttered by the health department. Signs posted on its windows indicate the closing is due to a gas leak.


The restaurant was cited for eight sanitary violations (for a total of 64 demerit points) during a Jan. 29 inspection, including food temperature violations, a lack of hand washing facilities, and evidence of mice, roaches, or other vermin.

Nicole Ponseca, owner of Maharlika, was unavailable for comment but a host who asked not to be named assured us that the staff was cleaning up. He had no knowledge of when the eatery would reopen.

If you’re a fan of the restaurant, you may want to head six blocks up to its sister location, Jeepney, instead: it just launched a new lunch menu.

Update | 8 p.m. Maharlika e-mails The Local with official comment: “We are very disappointed to be closed. However, we look forward to reopening in the next couple of days. We currently have a shared basement, part of which we don’t use. This portion of the basement was not up to code, and so we had to shut down to make this space doh compliant. We are also fixing a mechanical issue in the kitchen. Hope to feed you soon.”