The Day | Tenement Museum Opens ‘Shop Life’

Marilyn.Rachel Citron

Good morning, East Village.

The Lower East Side Tenement Museum has opened its long in-the-works exhibit, “Shop Life,” which recreates a German saloon that used to be in the basement of 97 Orchard Street. “The neighborhood was then called Kleindeutschland (Little Germany), and New York had the third-largest German-speaking populace in the world (after Vienna and Berlin). There are brass musical instruments on shelves (John played in a Union Army regiment), beer steins ready for the opening of a keg, plates heaped with ersatz sausages and cheeses. (Food came with the purchase of lager.)” [NY Times]

The Blueway plan proposes to protect the Con Ed plant at 14th Street by “building a new, green pedestrian bridge that would also serve as a flood wall, preventing water from inundating the plant. The plan also calls for shoring up the thin concrete bulkhead that now runs underneath the FDR with protective wetlands and new drainage to try to minimize a future surge.” [DNA Info]

Prompted by the latest exhibit at New Museum, “NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star,” Walter Robinson recalls the early ’90s art scene on the Lower East Side. [Gallerist]

An East Villager who considered buying an apartment uptown decided to stay in the neighborhood instead, and found a “spacious four-room apartment in a six-story walk-up co-op building on East Second Street” for $432,000. [NY Times]

“Filipino gastropub Jeepney is deputing a new lunch menu, featuring bangslog, chixslog, and a kaldereta sandwich. These dishes and more are served Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.” [Grub Street]