S’mac Down! And Katz’s, Too, But Others Still Delivering

IMG_9997Fatima Malik

The storm has claimed one of its first victims: S’mac, on East 12th Street. The city’s most popular delivery joint (per Delivery.com) stopped taking orders a little over half an hour ago. “We’re closing because of the weather,” an employee told The Local. Next door, Motorino is still delivering, but telling customers to expect waits of 45 minutes to an hour. And on the same block, John’s of 12th Street is only delivering to a limited radius. The wait is also “at least 45 minutes” at Grand Sichuan.

As reported earlier today, Luke’s Lobsters tweeted that it was suspending delivery. And Katz’s Deli, which just recently started delivering, tells us it too has chained up its bikes.

Earlier this evening, Seamless, the popular online-ordering site, sent out an alert to customers: “Please be patient with your orders and stay safe!”

Meanwhile, pretty much everyone else we called said they were still delivering tonight: Blue Nine, El Camion, La Lucha, La Palapa, Rai Rai Ken, Sidewalk Cafe, Stromboli, The Smith, Veselka and Odessa.

Enjoy ’em while they’re still on wheels, and tip well.