The Day | 7-Eleven the New K-Mart?

EAST VILLAGE garden snow sleet3Gloria Chung

Good morning, East Village.

“Congress gave final approval on Monday to an emergency aid package of nearly $51 billion to help millions of victims of Hurricane Sandy, ending the legislation’s long and complicated odyssey.” [NY Times]

The current anti-7-Eleven campaign recalls the anti-K-Mart sentiment of the late ’90s. [Village Voice]

A comic strip in a very special issue of Punk magazine starred Richard Hell as Nick Detroit, with David Johansen as Mob King Tony. [Dangerous Minds]

Nicoletta is doing Super Bowl catering: “Why order from Papa John’s or Dominos on game day when you can get two pizzas, wings, and a two-liter soda from a chef that has three Michelin stars to his name?” [Eater]

Goggla can’t get enough of the Tompkins Square hawks: “Chasing them around has become one of my favorite pastimes and, this last weekend, I finally got to see one of them up close when it sat on a fence and stared into my soul…” [The Gog Log]