The Day | 7-Eleven ‘Pringle-izing Our Population’

Astor Placecat55’s Flickr

Good morning, East Village.

About 40 local residents met last night to discuss the onslaught of 7-Elevens. “Bob Holman, founder of the Bowery Poetry Club and the ‘No Chains on the Bowery’ campaign, brought the performance art to the meeting, draping himself in chains that he rattled defiantly during his speech. Tired of corporations trying to ‘Pringle-ize our population’ with chains that are ‘boring and bland and not New York,’ Holman defiantly declared that ‘we refuse to fit in the tube.’ [Gothamist] A 7-Eleven spokesperson says its “nice, fresh and new stores” are helping to fill empty storefronts. [DNA Info]

Clayton Patterson wants to know why three locals couldn’t get support for their liquor license application. “I know that getting a liquor license is tied to community politics. Even recently, I have been surprised as to who gets and who does not get.” [East Villager]

“Police arrested a man who allegedly punched a panhandler in Union Square around midday on Thurs., Jan. 10.” [East Villager]

“A full-page ad in today’s Town & Village newspaper announces a Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association meeting Saturday, January 26, “on matters you’re thinking about” from Hurricane Sandy to pending MCIs and more. Electeds and other officials are expected to attend.” [pcvstBee]

“he Lower East Side is getting its first art fair. This spring, the downtown neighborhood will host the first stateside edition of Cutlog, a French fair specializing in emerging art. The event, which runs from May 10 to 13, coincides with the second annual Frieze New York, making it the sixth satellite fair — alongside Pulse, NADA, Seven, and others — to cluster around the British import.” [Art Info]

The Tompkins Square Park Riots are part of a “recent history of NYPD brutality.” [Complex]

Video of Devo at Max’s Kansas City in 1977. [Dangerous Minds]