The Day | Our Tiny Hands are Frozen

...bounce lightKevin FarleyDawn on Avenue C.

Good morning, East Village.

Amid all the giddy talk of a pill-based solution to the bedbug problem, it’s not all good news this morning.

For example, not the happiest of New Years for artists Thomas Nozkowski and Joyce Robins, evicted from occupancy of a former synagogue, built in 1860, on Hester Street. They had been residents there since 1967. The future of the building, which was sold last week, is uncertain.

Nor for patrons of the Living Room, the live music venue on Ludlow Street which is packing its bags after ten years. A rent hike, as usual, is the cited reason, but the owners have started a campaign to fund a new space.

If you’re still feeling jittery, Atlas Café on Clinton Street makes Gothamist’s “Best Hangover Foods” list: an everything bagel with lox and “the works” is the prescription.

But not all is greyness and gloom, even if–at time of writing–it does feel like 17 degrees Fahrenheit out there. Youngsters still have chance to learn that there were bohemians before Allen Ginsberg, as Amore Opera presents a mini version of Puccini’s “La Bohème” at East 4th Street’s Connelly theater this Saturday.

If nothing else, they’ll learn a song about their tiny hands being frozen.