The Day | Police Hunt Attacker

Avenue B, East 5th StreetKim DavisAvenue B at East Fifth Street.

Good morning, East Village.

Police are still looking for the man who attempted to assault a jogger in East River Park yesterday. The woman was taken to Beth Israel hospital with minor bruising.

A “stop work” order has been posted at 108 Orchard Street, planned to be the new home of Moscot, the eyewear vendor which had been based at 118 Orchard for almost eighty years.

If you have $1.6 million burning a hole in your pocket, visit Curbed’s Real Estate Deathmatch to choose between condos in that range on East 1st and East 12th Streets.

Unfortunately, the goodies on sale from this street cart, at East 14th and Broadway, are past their sell-by date. After all, the photograph dates from 1938.