Down $10,000, But Now East Village Thai Is Cooking With Gas

East Village Thai reopened Monday for the first time since a gas leak forced it to close in late September.

Paul Euiud put his restaurant’s losses at around $10,000, but said, “We’re just happy to be open.” He added that his landlord hadn’t yet offered to discount his rent, but he intended to negotiate with them.

east village thaiJoann Pan Signs on the shutter last month.

The tiny takeout joint was shuttered for two months while leaky gas pipes at 32 East Seventh Street were repaired. Residents had to cook with hot plates until the gas was turned back on last Wednesday.

There was little fanfare when East Village Thai reopened four days later, but customers were glad to have it back. Before it closed, Jake Lee, a fifth-year architecture student at Cooper Union, got takeout once or twice a week. “This is definitely a regular lunch spot. We’re all happy that it’s back,” he said of his fellow students. “This is always good variety and good food.”