East Village Carols: ‘Unsilent Night’ and a Not-So-Merry Mrs. Claus

Yep, it’s that time of year again: the Christmas tree vendors are back, the holiday decorations are up, and Phil Kline has set a date for “Unsilent Night,” the roving boombox orchestra that has ambled through the East Village blasting an ethereal 45-minute composition every year since 1992. Mark your calendars: this season’s strolling soundscape will occur Dec. 15. (And hey, if you want to keep it old-school instead of downloading the iPhone app, this man has your boombox.)

In the meantime, enjoy another carol that’s not exactly from the canon. Kyona Watts, an East Villager, penned the above ditty — in which a lonely Mrs. Claus seeks the company of a guy in a Santa mask — with her Strega bandmate Stephen Vesecky, who has also lived in the neighborhood. We’re told a video is in the works.