Dog-Run Duo | David and Faye Raye

Time for some more fun at the run. Here’s this week’s Dog-Run Duo.

IMG_8574Nicole Guzzardi
IMG_8553Nicole Guzzardi Flipping out.

The Master: David Phillips-Grant, 45, an East Villager and owner of the Seahorse Tavern on the Upper East Side, takes his pooch to the park twice a day.

The Dog: Faye Raye, an eight-year-old “Muttweiler,” is also known as Booger or Fatty. She was a Christmas present years ago from Mr. Phillips-Grant’s sister-in-law.  “I told her you shouldn’t give pets as presents,” he said, laughing. “We joke about it now.”

Best Friend: A French bulldog, Ju-Ju, who lives in the neighborhood and sometimes stays over as a house guest.

Pet Tricks: Flipping in the air. Faye Raye majestically hurls her body in the air to catch sticks. “She showed me how to do this, not the other way around,” Mr. Phillips-Grant said.

Claim to Fame: Faye Raye loves steak scraps from Seahorse Tavern, but she’s also a well-known customer at Ray’s Candy Store on Avenue A. As you can see in the video below, she likes to wait for slices of cheese at the counter. “When I go to get my coffee in the morning, that’s our routine,” said her owner.