Would You Pay $129,000 For a 99-Cent Slice Joint?

UntitledSuzanne Rozdeba

A block and a half from where Nino’s recently got a makeover, Mamani Pizza is up for sale.

The owner of the 99-cent-slice joint at 151 Avenue A, who didn’t want to be named, confirmed it’s on the market for $129,000. “We’d like to keep it private why it’s for sale,” she said, “but you can write about how good our pizza is.”

Earlier this week, we noted the closure of 2 Bros. Plus on St. Marks Place and the opening of another Joey Pepperoni’s on East 14th Street. Nearby on East 14th, Twitter user @THIEVERYCORP72 noted signage going up for yet another cheap-slice joint, Famous 99-Cent Pizza.