Dog Lost During Sandy Is Found Dead, Others Rescued

Arthur 1Micah Kaplan Arthur.

Last Monday, just before Sandy hit, Micah Kaplan lost his newly adopted Beagle mix when it escaped its leash and ran away. Saturday morning, Arthur was found dead on a ramp of the BQE, at Atlantic Avenue.

“It was very hard,” Mr. Kaplan said. “The worst part was, his previous foster mother was the one who spotted his body and notified me where he was.”

Mr. Kaplan is one of many who were separated from their pets during the storm. “People were impacted and animals were impacted, too,” said Sandra DeFeo, executive director of The Humane Society of New York.

Animal Haven, in Little Italy, was without power for five days; once it recovered, the facility began taking in animals from all over the city, including a number of cats from Staten Island’s Animal Care And Control Center, which closed in the wake of Sandy.

ArthurMicah Kaplan Arthur

Since Monday, the shelter has taken in 30 animals, including nine dogs. At least two were discovered during the storm: an 11-year-old Border-Collie mix named Jackie-O was found abandoned in Brooklyn, and a dog named Joey was found near Houston Street.

“A good Samaritan found him shivering in the park and brought him in,” said Tiffany Lacey, executive director of Animal Haven. “He was in such bad shape he was barely recognizable as a dog.” Veterinarians are now treating Joey for dental problems and mange, among other issues.

A litter of young kittens, found in Battery Park after the storm, are also in need of a permanent home.

Meanwhile, there has been at least one happy ending. “There was a young kitten separated from its owner and they were reunited,” said Ms. DeFeo.

And shelters aren’t the only ones who’ve spent the past days caring for animals. Danny Frost and Alexia Simon, owners of the new Ruff Club, a pet-care center and social club on Avenue A, were volunteering at the Rutgers Community Center at 200 Madison Street when they hit on an idea.

Volunteers delivering items to affected residents reported many urgent requests for pet food; so, in conjunction with Instinct, a dog behavior and training organization, the couple held a pet-food drive on Sunday. They delivered an “incredible bounty requiring at least one giant pickup truck” to the GOLES collection site on East Sixth Street, Mr. Frost said.

Saturday, Ruff Club will serve as a collection site for a pet food and supply drive organized by Bayou Rescue and The Lo-Down. Proceeds will go to pet owners in Staten Island, Queens, and Long Island.

Mr. Kaplan, meanwhile, plans to get a new puppy this weekend: a Shepherd-Labrador mix he’s adopting from Our Hands Rescue. “I only had Arthur for about two weeks, but that was long enough to realize how much I wanted and needed a dog in my life,” he said.

How to Help
Visit Animal Haven and see their adoption page.

If looking for a lost pet or to report a found animal, visit Hurricane Sandy Lost And Found Pets on Facebook, or call Animal Haven at (212) 274-8511.

Donate dry dog and cat food (in five to 10 pound bags), canned dog and cat food, and cat litter to one of two locations on Saturday, from noon to 3 p.m.: Ruff Club at 34 Avenue A or Instinct Dog Behavior & Training at 1795 Lexington Avenue.