Shelter Closings Make Finding a Lost Pet More Difficult

Arthur 1Micah Kaplan Arthur

It’s been especially trying for Micah Kaplan to find Arthur, his brown-and-white Beagle mix, lost near Cooper Square Monday right before superstorm Sandy hit.

Mr. Kaplan was taking Arthur for a walk around 3:30 p.m. that afternoon, just before the storm escalated. When he heard a loud noise, Arthur, who is shy and scares easily, slipped out of his collar and ran. Mr. Kaplan chased after him from Seventh Street and Avenue C all the way up to Cooper Square, but lost sight of him around Cooper Union. His close friend Sophie Pauz has helped him post fliers all around the East Village, in hopes someone will recognize Arthur.

“Our hope is that someone found him and has been taking care of him and maybe doesn’t have power so they haven’t been able to reach out,” Ms. Pauz said. But with power outages the past few days, and so many places closed, checking shelters for Arthur has been nearly impossible.

ArthurMicah Kaplan Arthur

“The only shelter we got into was the NYACC on 110th,” Mr. Kaplan said. “All the others we visited were closed, but we slipped flyers under their doors.”

The Humane Society at 306 E. 59th Street is now open regular business hours, but was closed Monday and Tuesday.

Animal Haven, at 251 Centre Street, is still without power and not open to the public, but employees have been going to the shelter every morning at 8 a.m. and staying till about 6 p.m with the animals.

Kristen Lasher, Animal Haven’s client service manager said employees have been using flashlights to make their way around the building. The best way to find out if a lost pet has been turned into Animal Haven is by sending an inquiry through their website, or on the organization’s Facebook page, she said.

Mr. Kaplan is offering a reward for Arthur’s return. If you’ve seen or heard anything regarding his whereabouts please call Mr. Kaplan at 212-221-0127.