A Visit to Pouring Ribbons, Already Frenemies With Evelyn Drinkery

Video: Regina Hing

In the month since Pouring Ribbons opened, owners Joaquin Simo, Jason Cott, Troy Sidle, and Toby Maloney have been stirring up more than cocktails: they’ve been waging a friendly(?) Twitter war with “the boys” over at the neighborhood’s other recently opened cocktail spot, Evelyn Drinkery. It all seems to have started when Evelyn Drinkery asked whether Pouring Ribbons was a sewing club, and quickly devolved into accusations involving armpit hair, man purses, phosphate drinks and Taylor Swift. Oh, those crazy cocktalians!

Anyway, after all the back and forth (which you can read for yourself below), we just had to stop into Pouring Ribbons and see what the place was all about (sorry, Evelyn Drinkery, but Mr. Simo, formerly of Death & Co., is the American Bartender of the Year). Despite all the tomfoolery on Twitter, they take their cocktails pretty seriously, as you can see in our video above.