Wafels & Dinges Going Brick-and-Mortar On Avenue B?

IMG_2777Alexa Mae Asperin

Looks like we might have solved the mystery of the dessert shop bound for 15 Avenue B: city records indicate that mobile vendor Wafels & Dinges has secured the space.

When Manny Haimovich, owner of the building on the corner of Second Street, spoke to The Local last month, he revealed only that a sweets spot would serve ice cream there. Maybe he was referring to the popular speculoos ice cream that’s served at the seven carts and trucks that Wafels & Dinges has launched since 2007: the health department’s Web site indicates that the popular Belgian waffle brand is awaiting its first inspection at the address.

Asked whether he will indeed open his first brick-and-mortar store on Avenue B, owner Thomas DeGeest declined to comment. Maybe we should’ve asked in mime language?