The Day | Affordable Housing For East 11th Street

Good morning, East Village.

Just posted to YouTube, here’s a performance of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” at Middle Collegiate Church.

Curbed gets wind of a new building going up at 535 East 11th Street. “The project is described as 46 units of affordable housing for formerly homeless and mentally disabled East Villagers. The building is subsidized by HPD’s Housing Loan Program, and the community space on the first floor will go to local organization Community Access.”

Off the Grid looks back at the history of the “mystery lot,” which in 1913 was the site of the B.F. Keith’s vaudeville theater. “As vaudeville died out and film became popular, the theater was re-branded as the RKO Jefferson Theatre. The Jefferson operated into the late 1970s as a theater, when it was closed for good.”

East Village Arts takes stock of Horse Trade Theater Group’s current month of programming. “With names like ‘Shotz‘, ‘Wasabassco Hellfire Club‘, and ‘Naked Girls Reading,’ one imagines a seedy lounge full of smarmy middle-aged men in smoking jackets and/or fraternity brothers.”

Bowery Boogie gets judgmental about the sight of people watching the presidential debate at Lina Frey. “Everything must be bar-fueled. Let’s get wasted and watch two candidates bicker, while checking iPhones, and looking around aimlessly, and not even paying attention at all. Cool.” Maybe they just don’t have t.v.s at home?

The Daily News gives The Redhead four stars and calls it “a deservedly cherished East Village gem. It’s a serious restaurant masquerading in slacker garb. The room is full, always full, and hums with contentment.”