The Day | Get Hungry For Pickle Day, Oktoberfest, East Village Eats

photo-300Daniel Maurer

Good morning, East Village.

In case you missed The Local’s report earlier this morning, a man was shot in the leg near Avenue C and 12th Street around 12:20 a.m. The shooting occurred hours after gunshots were heard near Ninth Street and Third Avenue. We hope to have more on this later today.

Also published over the weekend: The Local discovered that Alphabet City-based lawyer Stanley Cohen gave a speech to none other than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during the Iranian president’s trip to New York last week.

On Saturday, we spotted new signage for the East 10th Street Historic District at the corner of Avenue A and East 10th Street. You can see it above.

EV Grieve has photos of a fire that occurred Saturday at 36 St. Marks Place. We received a report of heavy smoke around 6:30 p.m. Saturday.

The Times reports that Greenwich Village music club Kenny’s Castaways is closing after 36 years. “Sergio Riva, a restaurateur who bought the lease of Kenny’s Castaways, plans to convert the space into a gastro pub that will also feature music.” The owner says the community board is trying to turn Bleecker Street into a “quiet block.”

The Epoch Times has some photos from the DayLife festival on Orchard Street. “Lower East Side right now is known more so for its nightlife than its day life, and we want to remind people that there’s just as many things to do during the day as there is at night here,” says Natalie Raben of LES BID.

And there’s another festival coming up on the Lower East Side: Pickle Day, on Oct. 28, will bring “a range of brine-soaked delicacies from neighborhood institutions such as Guss’, who first sold pickles from barrels on the streets of the LES 100 years ago, to newcomers such as Asia Dog, who will be serving up a killer Korean spicy garlic pickle relish hot dog.”

And above Houston, Fourth Arts Block has announced that its annual tasting tour will be on Oct. 27, according to East Village Eats.

Flaming Pablum compares the Bowery of Jim Jarmusch’s “Stranger Than Paradise” with the “barely recognizable” Bowery of today.

And another change on the Bowery: Steve’s, the “rather grubby” deli, has closed, according to EV Grieve.

In its review, The New Yorker writes that “Calliope, a perky new French bistro on this corner, aims higher than Bloody Marys and gloopy hollandaise. In fact, the menu is so glamorous, so unabashedly retro, that it seems like the sort of food that might have been served in the first-class cabin on an Air France flight in the late sixties.”

Fork in the Road reports that pasta impresario Frank Prisinzan of Frank, Lil’ Frankie’s, Supper, and Sauce, “is currently raising money on Mobcaster for his TV show. Sauce’d will explore regional Italian ingredients, traditions, and techniques, and turn Prisinzano’s annual research trips to Italy into his own brand of eccentric food TV.”

The Daily News notes that Oktoberfest at Zum Schneider will entail “modern oompah band Mösl Franzi and the JaJaJa’s rocking the accordion while guests knock back full liters (yes, liters) of imported brews like Paulaner Original Wies’n, HB München and HB Traunstein Festbier, or sample special dishes like “Wiesn Hendl” (a broiled whole chicken) and giant Brezn (better known as pretzels).”

Numero 28 Cucina, which has a location on Second Avenue, has opened an Upper West Side location with a “much more extensive Italian menu,” according to Grub Street.