That Blood On the Wall? It’s Just Art

UntitledNicole Guzzardi

When we read in City Room that Lower East Side artist Jordan Eagles created his latest works using, um, blood we just had to drop into Krause Gallery to see the paintings for ourselves. They were just as eccentric (and beautiful) as we thought they might be: bold red, brown and orange-toned pieces that one might call Dexter-esque.

According to gallery owner Benjamin Krause, 38, who has worked with Mr. Eagles for over six years, the artwork has been received very well. But why blood? “The whole concept behind his work is regeneration,” said Mr. Krause. “It’s a life force, it’s an energy and that’s why he uses blood, it’s not for any other reason.”

UntitledNicole Guzzardi

Mr. Eagles (by no means the first artist to employ bodily fluids) buys cattle blood from slaughterhouses, combines it with copper and resin, and smears it between Plexiglas to give his paintings a one-of-a-kind look. “If you look at the color, the translucency, the energy that each one of these pieces possess, they definitely have that energy about them and that color that you can’t get from any other medium,” said Mr. Krause.

The exhibit continues at Krause Gallery (149 Orchard Street, at Rivington Street) through Oct. 16, Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 6 p.m.