And With That, No Sign of Kate’s Joint

kate'sNicole Guzzardi
katesNicole Guzzardi

A block away from where Mama’s Food Shop was being emptied earlier this week, signage was torn down from the former Kate’s Joint this evening. Ruth Marquez, a longtime Lower East Sider who spent a dozen years working in Puerto Rico as an events planner and then returned to the neighborhood, held a tattered section of the restaurant’s awning as she spoke about the deli-market she planned to open.

She repeated many of the same details reported by The Local last month, but added that Vella Market would take pains to cater to customers (and their dogs and children). “We want to learn who they are by name and what they need, just like in a suburban store,” she said.

But first, she’ll have to get the space at Fourth Street and Avenue B in order. It was left “in shambles,” she said.