The Day | Mama’s Fallout Continues

Floating womanSuzanne Rozdeba Sidewalk Cafe

Good morning, East Village.

The shockwaves from the closure of Mama’s Food Shop continue on The Local’s Facebook page, where the majority of commenters expressed dismay that another longtime business had bit the dust. “The East Village continues to go upscale. I bet some overpriced ‘new American’ restaurant will open up in its place…or else a ‘speakeasy’ that charges $15 a cocktail. I don’t mind change….but when EVERYTHING changes, it’s too much!” wrote Elise Herbruger.

The Lo-Down reports that a building owned by Benjamin Shaoul was slapped with a partial stop work order yesterday after ripping out a staircase and not providing a tenant on the fourth floor with “an unobstructed exit.” In April the same tenant in the East 12th Street building was left stranded on her floor after the staircase was completely demolished.

PcvstBee spotted a Craigslist ad seeking job applicants for the new Burlington Coat Factory in Union Square.

A sergeant facing charges in the death of Private Danny Chen was acquitted of the most serious ones, but was found guilty of two lesser charges, The Times reports. He faces up to two years in prison.

The Albany Times Union brings word that Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law a requirement that people under the age of 18 get parental permission before getting a piercing. The inspiration for the bill? None other than Andrea Peyser of The Post, who expressed shock and awe back in April that kids as young as 12 were getting piercings in the East Village.

Newsweek notes that the Los Angeles-based architect who will design the new Cornell campus on Roosevelt Island is also behind the new Cooper Union building.

And finally, the editorial board of the Daily Freeman sees irony in Molecule, the water cafe on East 10th Street, given the Hudson Valley’s own concerns over clean water in the city’s watershed.