The Day | Sunburnt Cow, Bowery Poetry Club Renovate

UntitledPhillip Kalantzis-Cope

Good morning, East Village.

Bob Holman, owner of the Bowery Poetry Club, tells EV Grieve that rumors that the site has posted about the club are “greatly exaggerated”: “By spending the summer renovating and working out a partnership with a restaurant (rumors of Duane Park as our collaborators are sweet and the two entities surely do share a love for the populist arts of the Bowery, but nothing is signed yet folks), we hope to reopen come fall and be SUSTAINABLE with a neighborhood (Loisaida/Earth) focused poetry schedule, utilizing other neighborhood resources as well as the Club.”

The Post has more details about the shooting of a police officer in the Seward Park Houses.

The Wall Street Journal visits the set of the CBGB movie in Savannah, Ga. And Sound of the City has photos from the shoot. Meanwhile, The Observer recommends five CBGB Festival events not to miss, including a panel discussion about “Tales from the Club,” and ArtsBeat has the lineup for the free show in Times Square.

Speaking of concerts, a reader of the Grateful Dead Online Archive remembers a Dead show at Tompkins Square Park in 1967: “Toward the end, things got increasingly crazy and scary…women being assaulted, weapons brandished by ethnic groups that were somewhat resentful of the hippie invasion of the Lower East Side, with no cops in sight. We were on our own to get out of there. We quickly tore down our gear, packed up and ran for our lives.”

Max Berlinger, associate editor at Out magazine, has a recommendation for Racked. “Saifee Hardware could easily be overlooked from its modest exterior, but it’s an amazing resource if you’re looking to revamp your living quarters on the cheap.”

Shoebox Dwelling looks at the renovation of a 520-square-foot in an old East Village industrial building. “The mezzanine loft is now a bedroom. Though only 227 square feet, it is elegant and efficient, with storage area for books in the oak shelf.”

The Times reviews Mile End Sandwich and notes, as Kim Davis did, that “portions run small, at least by Carnegie Deli standards. (Let the caviling begin.)”

Grub Street notes that Boukies has launched brunch.

The Sunburnt Cow tells Eater it will close for “major renovations” to “revamp the dining room and introduce a new menu of ‘gourmet-oriented food and drink.'”