Gin Palace Opens Tonight, Bringing a Splash of Steampunk to Ave A

Photos: Suzanne Rozdeba

Local nightlife impresario Ravi DeRossi’s latest venture is a Victorian and Steampunk-themed bar, and it’s set to open at 6 p.m. tonight.

“It’s a fusion of sci-fi, fantasy, and Victorian times,” said Mr. DeRossi, who also owns nearby Death & Co. and The Bourgeois Pig. “We wanted to give it a grittier edge.”

Patrons enter the bar through a door decorated with golden wings; inside the dark space, there’s a ceiling mural by artist David Nordine, who also painted the bar’s exterior. A metal cage stands in the middle of the front room, mosaic murals tile the floors, and clocks, museum replica pieces, and clock parts cover the back room’s walls. Around the bar hang handmade sconces by Steampunk artist Art Donovan.

Mr. DeRossi believes this concept will fare better than the now-shuttered El Cobre, which he felt was too similar to Cienfuegos, his upstairs lounge. “There’s nobody doing quality cocktails at $10,” he said. “I’d like to think we shouldn’t have a problem.”

In addition to gin and tonic on tap, gin cocktails include “Love on a Farm Boy’s Wages,” made with raspberry and Swedish Punsch (a sweet liqueur), and “Police and Thieves,” a grapefruit and pineapple drink that, like The Local’s crime blotter, is named after a song by The Clash.

As you can see below, the menu includes English pub fare like fish and chips, Scotch eggs and a beef and Guinness pastie, all $12 and under.

Gin Palace, 95 Avenue A at Sixth Street; 212-614-6818