Gin Palace to Open Next Month

photo 3Suzanne Rozdeba Looks like there is still some work to do before the Gin Palace can open.

Out with the Iberian, in with the Victorian.

Gin Palace, the Victorian-themed bar replacing El Cobre on East Sixth Street, is opening by the end of April, co-owner Ravi DeRossi, told The Local this morning.

The new bar, which has a fancy mural in the works on the ceiling, will not have the same air of exclusivity as Mr. DeRossi’s other popular establishment, Death and Company.

“The original gin palaces in England in the 1800s were a response to a failing economy, where people would go to get wasted and escape disease and the plague. It’s not as bad right now, but it’s a pretty weak economy,” said Mr. DeRossi, who also owns nearby The Bourgeois Pig. “This will be a spinoff of those old Victorian dive bars, and no pretension. If the space fits you in, you get in.”

The bar will be “gin-centric” and serve $10 or less cocktails, along with traditional English pub fare like fish and chips as well as currywurst. Food prices will range from $8 to $12.

Eater first reported back in November that the former El Cobre space would abandon the aesthetic of the Spanish and embrace the Queen’s style. Cienfuegos, which is upstairs, is due for some tweaks as well, including a mobile daiquiri bar (why get out of your seat?). The conversion has taken some time.

“We’re completely gutting it,” Mr. DeRossi said.