Notes from the Ninth: Elevator Stick-Ups, iPhone Bandits, and a Shooting Update

IMG_3074Stephen Rex Brown Capt. John Cappelmann

At last night’s meeting of the Ninth Precinct Community Council, Capt. John Cappelmann shared the latest on the early-morning shooting on May 12. “The guy didn’t wait for police,” Capt. Cappelmann said of the 29-year-old who took himself to Bellevue Hospital after being shot in the lower right leg. “Usually that means they were up to no good in the first place.”

He added that the victim is “no surprise. He’s known to us very well.” Surveillance cameras captured people fleeing the scene following the shooting, and police officers are dedicating manpower to preventing retaliation for the incident.

While that investigation is ongoing, Capt. Cappelmann singled out a few notable collars and said that crime in the neighborhood has decreased overall by 13 percent in comparison with the same 28-day period last year. Here’s a roundup of recent arrests and other items of note.

On April 21 a 50-something man was arrested wielding a gun. Capt. Cappelmann said that the suspect became angry at a group of people, went home, got the gun, and returned to East 10th Street and Third Avenue to menace his rivals. Officers assigned to the nightlife beat apprehended the man without incident at around 2 a.m.

On April 24 two teenagers were arrested for pushing down a woman in her late 60s and stealing her iPhone. A pair of officers saw the crime go down at around 9:30 a.m. and arrested the suspects, who Capt. Cappelmann believed may have been responsible for a similar robbery the day before.

On May 11 a man who was caught with an open container of alcohol in Tompkins Square Park was arrested after a background check revealed that he had an open warrant (for “something minor,” Capt. Cappelman said). The man had been released from prison three months ago after serving time for a bank robbery, causing the commanding officer to joke that for some reason bank robbers seem to like the park (the “White-gloved bandit” was busted there last month).

Overall, robberies are down 20 percent compared to the same 28-day period last year. However, police believe that a new robbery pattern has emerged at Campos Plaza and the Lillian Wald Houses. In three separate incidents a man riding an elevator tells a fellow passenger that he has a gun and then robs them. One man is thought to be behind the three crimes.

Surprisingly, no one at last night’s meeting asked Capt. Cappelmann about the guns that have gone missing from the stationhouse’s locker room. Perhaps it’s because attendees knew the response it would yield: no comment, he told The Local.