Here Are Your Bike Share Locations

Screen Shot 2012-05-11 at 11.39.03 AMDepartment of Transportation

The city just released it’s plans for bike share locations in the city, and the East Village has 27 stations as far east as East Sixth Street and Avenue D.

bikesRay LeMoine A bike-share display at Tompkins Square Park.

The Department of Transportation said that the map is a draft, and could change. At each location, dubbed Citi Stations thanks to a $41-million sponsorship deal with Citibank, cyclists can rent a ride and then drop it off at any other station. Astor Place, Tompkins Square Park, and three blocks of East Seventh Street are all slated for shares.

The base price is $9.95 per day, $25 per week, or $95 per year for an unlimited number of half-hour rides. Users who want to sign up for longer rides pay an additional $4 for hour-long trips, or another $13 for trips of an hour and a half. And so on.

Since late last year the city has solicited opinions on where the share locations should be built.

The first bikes should hit the streets by late July, and next summer 10,000 bikes should be docked at 600 stations.