This Is What A Bike Share Program At Tompkins Square Park Would Look Like

bikesRay LeMoine

Nevermind that “private” bike rack. This afternoon, the Department of Transportation showed that sharing is caring by setting up a preview station for the city’s forthcoming Bike Share NYC program along Avenue A. The program launches next summer, when 600 similar stations will open across the city.

“It’s cheaper for a full year than a monthly MetroCard,” said Al Silvestri, a Department of Transportation representative, to a group of East Villagers outside of Tompkins Square Park. For just $95 per year ($105 less than the tennis pass for city parks), participants are allotted unlimited 30-minute rides, with a sliding scale for longer jaunts.

Passersby seemed impressed. “I would much rather ride a bike than take the L train,” said Jessie MacDermott, 22, a New School student residing in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Sadly, this was a one-day trial. With no locations officially announced, Mr. Silvestri couldn’t confirm whether a permanent station was planned for Tompkins Square Park, but he said he thought it was likely.

In the meantime, you can suggest a location here.