Get Ready for Creole Barbecue and ‘Artisanal Squid Jerkies’

IMG_3300Stephen Rex Brown Ducks Eatery will open in the old Resto Leon space on East 12th Street.

The chef from the trendy ping pong bar Spin plans to open a new creole barbecue and seafood joint on East 12th Street in the next four to six weeks.

Crispy pig ears, yakamein (a New Orleans noodle soup), shellfish, braised pork spines, and peppercorn briskets injected with cachaca and apricot preserve are all planned for the menu of the new restaurant, called Ducks Eatery.

“We’re diving hardcore into the creole and barbecue thing,” said chef Will Horowitz. “It’s pretty wild, the flavor profiles we’re doing.”

The new restaurant will be reminiscent of Fatty Cue in Williamsburg and the West Village, with an Asian-Creole touch distinguishing it from the standard smoke joint.

“We want to be as authentic as possible, but we’re getting creative with our flavors,” said Mr. Horowitz, later adding that the food is “a reflection of my own travels and style. Much of it is based on the Vietnamese Creole communities living around the outer New Orleans bayous with a strong emphasis on smoked meats, spice and very fresh local seafood.”

One menu standout: “artisanal squid jerkies.”

The restaurant will have around 35 seats, a full bar, and will sell booze-soaked watermelons. It joins another relative newcomer, The Cardinal, as one of the neighborhood’s few barbecue options.