The Day | Torah Thief Disavowed by East Village Synagogue

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Good morning, East Village.

And happy birthday to Keith Haring. As you may have noticed, Google has revamped its logo in honor of the artist.

According to The Villager, the Anshe Mezeritz synagogue on East Sixth Street is attempting to prove in court that a Brooklyn rabbi who was convicted of stealing a Torah was lying when he claimed to be an assistant rabbi at the East Village synagogue.

Bowery Boogie takes us on a spirited tour of St. Marks Place. Typical nugget: “Friends, there’s only one building in NYC that can boast Teddy Roosevelt as a speaker and the Grateful Dead as performers, and it is Arlington Hall.”

Bowery Boys notes that Peter Stuyvesant, who resided in the East Village well before it was the East Village or even the Lower East Side, is the namesake of a cigarette brand sold in Australia and other countries.

According to Perez Hilton, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were spotted strolling in the “energetic” East Village yesterday.

The Post comes up with a term for the kind of upscale Mexican that served at East Village newcomers Fonda and Empellon Cocina, and it’s… Sex Mex!

Does Sidewalk Cafe’s frozen pink margarita qualify as sex Mex? Who knows, but Fork in the Road seems to dig it: “It not only looks gorgeous, but is a perfect spring evening refresher.”

David Chang of Momofuku tells Business Week that he’s a fan of local Sichuan spot Hot Kitchen. And Ken Friedman, owner of the Spotted Pig, reveals that he lives in the East Village and enjoys Baohaus.