The Day | The Case Against Historic Districts

photo(91)Daniel Maurer

Good morning, East Village.

As you can see above, 7-Eleven decals have been plastered on the window of the former JAS Mart on St. Marks Place.

In The Post, real estate developer Stephen B. Meister uses the BP station on Houston Street, which may soon be included in a historic district, as evidence that “most properties in historic districts have no architectural value.” He goes on: “Designating so many neighborhoods as historic districts has played a big role in driving up rents and constraining the housing supply.”

The Real Deal links to a subscription-only Crain’s item reporting that as retail rezoning gains traction on the Upper West Side, community boards in the East Village and Upper East Side are considering restricting storefronts against nightlife use as well.

According to the Greenwich Village Society for Historical Preservation, the City Planning Commission has scheduled its hearing on N.Y.U. 2031 for April 25. The G.V.S.H.P. is, of course, rallying its troops: “PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND ON APRIL 25TH,” goes the call to arms. “In order to testify, you may have to stay for several hours, although just attending for any period of time to show your opposition is helpful too.”

Speaking of folks who aren’t keen on NYU: Suzannah B. Troy has some complaints about the university’s real estate moves in the East Village, and gets a jab in at its students as well: “When the Hell’s Angels were last raided by the NYPD the NY Law Students stood out on their balconies in their pajamas. I thought just married people with children wear pajamas so u see I learned something.”

Finally, Eater notices that nightlife broker extraordinaire Steven Kamali Hospitality is marketing the Lucky Cheng’s space while the restaurant prepares to move to Times Square.

And speaking of East Villagers in midtown: None other than Trigger Smith was in the pit at last night’s Springsteen show at the Garden. The Local spotted his trademark conical Asian hat from the nosebleeds.