Posts published in April, 2012

Bean’s Coffee Mural Leaves Bad Taste in Landlord’s Mouth?

A local artist, along with the Mosaic Man, is creating a mural for The Bean’s forthcoming location on First Avenue. But there’s a slight chance the steam-themed mural will evaporate.

Allen Ginsberg, Revisited by His Right-Hand Man: Pt. 4

Allen Ginsberg’s longtime secretary, Bob Rosenthal, recalls the poet’s final days.

Rendering-o-Rama: New Condos Coming to Ninth Street

The new building is bound for 227 East Seventh Street.

Mile End Is Now Open, Just Five Blocks From Katz’s

Today, Noah Bernamoff and his wife Rae Cohen, the owners of Montreal-style deli Mile End, opened their first Manhattan venture – a sandwich-only storefront on Bond Street near Bowery. Here’s the menu and a look inside.

Slideshow: Sunday’s Brrr-illiant Polar Bear Bike Ride

Polar bears were in full force for the annual fete organized by East Village-based organization Time’s Up.

The Day | Off-Duty Officer in DWI Arrest, and 14 Other Morning Reads

A roundup of this morning’s news.

Allen Ginsberg, Revisited by His Right-Hand Man: Pt. 3

Allen Ginsberg’s secretary of 20 years, Bob Rosenthal, recalls the poet’s romantic life, including his tumultuous relationship with fellow poet Peter Orlovsky.

Allen Ginsberg, Revisited by His Right-Hand Man: Pt. 2

Bob Rosenthal, who has just completed a memoir about his 20 years as Allen Ginsberg’s secretary, shares memories of the poet’s life in the East Village.

Viewfinder | Lasting Impressions

The photography of Lauren Foreman.

Organic Modernism Closes on Avenue A

Daniel Maurer Organic Modernism, a modernist furniture store with locations in Manhattan and Williamsburg, has closed its shop at 43 Avenue A. James Bekbemir, the brand’s operational manager,  told The Local, “We opened several new locations so we decided to close that one.” The store on the corner of Avenue A and Third Street was […]

Good News for Renters

Two items amount to a rare bit of good news for tenants.

Alleged Train Toucher Snagged

The police have announced an arrest in the case of a man said to have inappropriately touched himself while staring at a woman on an L train bound for Union Square last week.

What May Happen on May Day: Wildcat Marches, Bridge Blockades, and a ‘Guitarmy’

Here’s what to expect from Occupy Wall Street, the unions, the anarchists, and other protesters on May 1.

The Day | AC-Fall Victim Walks Away from Millions?

A roundup of this morning’s news.

Street Scenes | The Bean Gets Wall Art

An employee at the Second Avenue store says the First Avenue outpost should open in a month or two.

Allen Ginsberg, Revisited By His Right-Hand Man: Pt. 1

Allen Ginsberg’s longtime secretary, Bob Rosenthal, revisits his former office in the Beat legend’s home and remembers twenty years with Allen.

Lance Armstrong Meets Lux Interior: The CBGB Cycling Jersey

The punked-out polyester jersey was spotted on sale at REI.

An Alternative to Tuition at Cooper Union

The document, released hours before a major meeting of students and faculty, suggests a variety of ways the university could get out of debt.

For Her 70th Birthday, Son Gets Mom a Gallery Show

Allen Salkin’s annual spring frolic will double as his 70-year-old mother’s downtown art-world debut.

Schwimmer House Crane ‘A Butcher’

Another message apparently meant for the “Friends” star.