The Day | Kate’s Joint Bringing the Bacon?

Occupy Wall Street: M21, Occupy Union Square, Snacks and beveragesScott Lynch

Good morning, East Village.

Looks like Berliners liked the idea of the BMW Guggenheim Lab even less than certain East Villagers did. Atlantic Cities reports that the project’s May opening in Berlin has been scrapped due to protests and threats over the idea that the project would gentrify Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood.

Struggling to find a way to prevent her business from closing, Kate Halpern, the owner of Kate’s Joint, is considering adding another ingredient to the menu of her vegetarian restaurant. “I hate to admit it, but put bacon on it, and they will come,” Ms. Halpern told the Wall Street Journal.  As previously mentioned, she’s trying to raise about $30,000 to keep the doors of her joint open.

A luxury condo building going up at 250 Bowery has released a price list for its residences. Designed by Morris Adjimi Architects, the 24-unit building will offer one- and two-bedroom condos starting at $700,000 and three-, four- and five-bedroom penthouse apartments beginning at $2,700,000.

Bowery Boogie discovers that the creative genius behind the raunchy ads that have been appearing in the East Village highlighting the new late-night menu at Sons of Essex is photographer Mel D. Cole of Village Slum fame. The raunchy ads depict women posed with soul food items in a variety of ways. No word on whether the food is any good.

Pedestrians on Avenue C will no longer have to worry about falling into a sinkhole while walking on the east side of the street between Fifth and Sixth Streets.  EV Grieve points out that the city began repairs on the sinkhole on Tuesday and finished filling it on Wednesday. This development is expected to dramatically affect the sales of ankle braces in the area.

The musical “No Place to Go,” is being performed by singer Ethan Lipton and his three-piece band at Joe’s Pub until April 8. The “musical ode to the unemployed,” received a favorable review from the New York Post with theater critic Frank Scheck writing “The spirit of Woody Guthrie is alive and well in the East Village.”