The Day | Artichoke Expands

Code Pink protest March 10Tim Schreier

Top of the morning to you, East Village.

Our community contributor Tim Schreier snapped the above photo while attending a Code Pink protest that culminated in Union Square on Saturday. The group of under 100 protesters marched from Zuccotti Park in recognition of International Women’s Day. To see more photos from the scene check out Mr. Schreier’s photostream.

A tipster tells EV Grieve that Artichoke Pizza has expanded into the neighboring storefront that was occupied by Curly’s Vegetarian Lunch only two weeks ago. Grieve also notes that a tile bearing the “R” from the long gone Ratner’s restaurant has finally been removed thanks to renovations in Met Foods. If you’re feeling nostalgic you can still buy buttons from the waiters’ uniforms.

Following up on our coverage of Billy Leroy’s goodbye bash on Friday night, The Times attended the funeral procession for the tent “that had been patched so many times it was now more plastic than canvas.” Check back shortly for some more photos from the solemn ceremony.

The Times also discovers Timothy Doner, a 16-year-old living in the neighborhood who taught himself over a dozen languages and discovered an online community of fellow polyglots.

And lastly, Bowery Boogie spots new graffiti on a Department of Transportation trailer on East First Street.