The Day | Sinking Sidewalk on Avenue C

The Astor Place cube, the Alamo, gets PrivitizedScott Lynch

Good morning, East Village.

NY1 says residents are concerned about a sinkhole on Avenue C near 13th Street. ConEd says it will meet with the Department of Environmental Protection to figure out who’s responsible for fixing the hole.

The Lo-Down reports that a closed section of East River Park, near the Williamsburg Bridge, is now set to reopen this summer.

In The Villager, Jerry Tallmer pens an obituary for Barney Rossett. The late publisher’s wife says there are no immediate plans for a memorial – perhaps around the time of what would have been his 90th birthday in May.CBS New York picks the five best cocktail bars in the East Village.

And NYU Local picks the best places to get deals on bicycles, four of which are in the neighborhood.

Alphabet City Wine Co. has launched a new website. You can browse the shop’s inventory, request a bottle, and more.

East Village Eats has another good meal at the Toucan and the Lion, and is especially excited that Scotch eggs have been added to the menu.