The Day | Linsanity at East Village Sports Bars

Phillip Kalantzis-Cope

Good morning, East Village.

According to DNA Info, Kelly’s Sports Bar on Avenue A is one of the satellite-equipped watering holes benefiting from the cable blackout on Knicks games. In a previous item about Linsanity, DNA Info noted that 13th Step has also seen its share of basketball fans.

Speaking of Jeremy Lin, Diner’s Journal reports that Baohaus has added a sandwich to its menu called the “The Taiwanese Te-Bao,” and Eater notices that the restaurant has built a shrine to the baller.

Sound of the City attends the opening of Ed Sanders’s exhibit at Boo Hooray Gallery. Jesse Jarnow describes Mr. Sanders as “a soft-spoken straight man to the world’s ‘military-industrial surrealists,’ as he dubbed them in his nine-volume ‘America: A History in Verse.’ During a short reading, he presented from Fug You’s chapter about the Peace Eye obscenity raid and, while undoubtedly mellowed since his Fugs days, retained his keen drollness.”

Curbed is offering a $100 St. Mark’s Bookshop gift card to the person who best redesigns the recently unveiled rendering of the office building going into 51 Astor Place.

And in another challenge, Flaming Pablum posted an old photo of Television and asked readers to identify the street corner where it was taken. A reader thinks it was Ninth Street and First Avenue.

According to a Huffington Post recap, Isaac issued this scathing remark on the latest episode of “Project Runway All Stars”: “The black shoe goes like too East Village to me. Like she doesn’t live in the East Village; she lives in a doorway in the East Village.”