The Day | ‘Catwoman’ Robber Convicted

Diner @ the Sunshine HotelMeagan Kirkpatrick

Good morning, East Village.

According to a press release from the office of Council Member Margaret Chin, the city council passed a resolution yesterday that calls on the military to “examine its policies around cultural diversity and sensitivity.” Says Council Member Chin in the release, “New York City calls on the armed forces to reform their policies regarding diversity training, bullying, and hazing.”

The Daily News reports that Shana Spalding, who robbed an East Village shop in June of 2010 and became known as Catwoman has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. “‘Get off of me,’ she said, cursing at court officers taking her out of the courtroom and photographers snapping her picture. ‘I’m not the Catwoman!'”

Ephemeral New York has a bit of trivia about Hengington Hall, a former meeting place for political groups on Avenue B that now houses an art studio: “Interestingly, it’s where David Greenglass — who helped send his sister, Ethel Rosenberg, to the electric chair — got married in 1942.”

Flaming Pablum points out that the Village East Cinema on 12th Street and Avenue A was once the Entermedia Theatre, which in 1978 hosted a show by the Talking Heads.

Meanwhile Off The Grid remembers the Variety Theatre: “For its 90 years of existence it played a notable supporting role in the East Village theater scene as the neighborhood transformed around it.”

Music-video and advertising auteur Jake Davis tells Racked that he still shops at Kim’s Video: “Kim’s has been just as much a part of my film education as NYU and for that I will always be thankful and pay my respect.”