The Day | La MaMa Evicts Millenium Film Workshop

Rooftops and StacksJoel Raskin

Good morning, East Village.

Runnin’ Scared reports that La MaMa E.T.C. is evicting Millenium Film Workshop from the building it has occupied at 66 East Fourth Street since 1975. Millenium board member Jay Hudson admits that the film collective, which has been hurt by steep cuts from the New York State Council for the Arts, hasn’t paid rent in about ten months.

Rumors that CBGB will stage some sort of return swept the internet yesterday after Gothamist said it had it “on good authority that the legendary venue is still alive in spirit, and angling to take over a new space in Manhattan.” Brooklyn Vegan noted a tweet from a CBGB Twitter account claiming to be official: “who would you like to see at the #CBGB Music Festival this summer? No band to big or to small.” And this morning, Bowery Boogie, without explaining much about its origin, posts a flyer indicating that “CBGB is Coming” July 3 to 7.

DNA reports from the funeral of Dashane Santana. Her middle school principal told tearful mourners, “We’re broken in the sense that one of our angels is no longer with us.”

According to Gallerist NY, Bowery-based Anonymous gallery just opened a branch in Mexico City. According to the gallery’s founder Joseph Ian Henrikson, “there is an energy in the art scene here that has so much potential.”

On KCET, Andrew Ti, author of the blog “Yo, Is This Racist?” recalls one fine night at Odessa: “We were there and these skinhead dudes walked in, and I was like, ‘Those are skinheads, we should get out of here.’ And my friends were like, ‘You don’t know. They’re probably just hardcore kids. It’s fine.’ An hour later they were wasted and broke a bottle over someone’s head.”

The Minneapolis Star Tribune asks Gabrielle Hamilton of Prune whether a restaurant can change a neighborhood. Her response: “I like to think — and hope — that my restaurant didn’t change our neighborhood for the worse, but that may be wishful thinking. This is a small, ostensibly neighborhood restaurant and can be affordable to students. Well, not entirely, but everyone can eat here is the idea. We didn’t open a 200-seat place with a live DJ and bouncer outside. But it’s also not Susie’s Vegetarian Cafe or Mahmoud’s Falafel. It’s a restaurant with intentions, with ambition.”

East Village Arts puts in a plug for Mama’s Food Shop: “There is enough variety on the menu to serve a large party, and both vegetable and meat options are savory, hearty, and created from seasonal and local ingredients.”

And Tompkins Square Bagels is debuting a spicy tuna bagel today, per a tweet: “Sushi grade tuna sashimi and wasabi cc!”