Taylor Mead Still Lured to Lucien

coldcave Taylor Mead with Wesley Eisold

Billy Leroy isn’t the only East Village stalwart who counts Lucien as one of his favorite haunts.

Chatting with The Local during his art opening at Churner and Churner Gallery last week, Taylor Mead said that he also frequents the French restaurant on First Avenue.

“I do all my interviews there,” said the 87-year-old writer and artist. “I just met some European journalists there the other day.”

Numerous friends and fans congratulated Mr. Mead on his latest exhibit featuring his portraits of Andy Warhol and Greta Garbo, as well as drawings from his “Fairy Tale Poem” series.

Another fixture of the downtown scene (and of Lucien) was in attendance, too.

“I’m honored by the presence of Jonas Mekas, who saved movies in America,” announced Mr. Mead of his longtime friend, who, as always, had his camera in hand.

After attempting to recall their initial meeting more than 50 years ago, the pair reminisced about screening underground film classics starring Mr. Mead (“The Flower Thief,” “Queen of Sheba Meets the Atom Man”) at the Filmmakers Cinemathique, a forerunner of Anthology Film Archives.

Mr. Mead told the crowd that his cohort “brought America up to beyond the French avant-garde.”

During a lull in the festivities, Mr. Mead recalled reading poetry at bygone spots like No Se No Club, Mars Bar and the Gas Station.

With a Dewar’s at hand, he said, “I don’t get around much anymore,” and then sang the praises of Lucien. Next time you see him there, you know what to send over.