Wesley Eisold on Why Cold Cave Canceled Its Tour

coldcave Mr. Eisold with Taylor Mead.

Local avant synth band Cold Cave has canceled the rest of its summer tour “due to unforeseen illness,” according to a statement. Singer Wesley Eisold, who is resting at an undisclosed location outside of his East Village home, revealed in a series of text messages that a road trip to Ohio for two shows during the weekend of August 12 was to blame.

“Let’s just not mention the names of the substances,” Mr. Eisold said of the partying during that trip. “There wasn’t any other way to get through these past few months on tour. Not to sound too serious.”

Becka Diamond, a DJ and downtown fashion fixture who accompanied the band, said, “I don’t think Ohio will ever be the same.” 

Cold Cave canceled a show at the House of Vans this Wednesday along with August and September festival dates across Europe.

Mr. Eisold sang for several late nineties hardcore punk bands (most of them based in Boston) before catching his big break in 2006. Pete Wentz from platinum pop-punk band Fall Out Boy used some of Mr. Eisold’s lyrics without attribution, resulting in a substantial out-of-court settlement. “The only thing that really changed after that was I didn’t have to live in squats,” Mr. Eisold recently told Vulture of the settlement.

Mr. Eisold went on to study poetry, publishing books and opening a bookshop in Philadelphia. In 2009 he returned to music and started writing songs again. Born with just one hand, he used mostly computers and synthesizers. Soon after, he joined forces with Dom Fernow of Hospital Productions, the noise-music label and store on East 3rd Street.

A little over a year ago, Cold Cave signed to Matador Records and Mr. Eisold moved to the East Village. Since releasing its second album, “Cherish the Light Years,” the band has toured for most of the year, performing at mid-size venues across the county.

So are Cold Cave’s partying days over? It seems not. Joking about the cancelation, Mr. Eisold said, “We just didn’t want to miss Fashion Week.”


This post has been revised to reflect the following correction:

Correction: August 24, 2011

An earlier version of this blog post gave an incorrect date for the Ohio shows and misidentified “Cherish the Light Years” as Cold Cave’s debut album.